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Driving Prep Classes For Those With Autism

Below is our schedule of upcoming learning programs for Driving With Autism. All of our programs are virtual and available to all people regardless of where you live. If you can't find dates or times that work for you, you can always review the material in our training area. An open Q&A session will be included at the end of each program. Recordings of the session are available for anyone who purchases a Training Series Package. We also welcome sign ups from people who missed this session but want to attend. For those, we can transfer them for the next series session. We will post the upcoming dates once it gets closer to the end of the current schedule.

Course Name Time Next Series Session Dates
Motivation: Starting the Driving Journey and Roadmap 6 PM - 7 PM Eastern Time November 30, 2022
Parental Involvement in Driving 6 PM - 7 PM Eastern Time December 7, 2022
Adding Driving Goals to your IEPs 6 PM - 7 PM Eastern Time December 14, 2022
Driving Situations and Overcoming Them! 6 PM - 7 PM Eastern Time December 21, 2022
Sensory Processing and Limiting Sensory Overload: 6 PM - 7 PM Eastern Time December 28, 2022
Understanding Police Interactions and Strategies 6 PM - 7 PM Eastern Time January 4, 2023
Financial Basics of Driving 101: 6 PM - 7 PM Eastern Time January 11, 2023
Driving Pathways 6 PM - 7 PM Eastern Time January 18, 2023

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Meet Your Primary Instructor

Andrew Arboe is an autistic adult who has first-hand experience with the challenges of getting a driver's license. Andrew provides training to parents and new drivers and guides them with a unique perspective.

andrew arboe headshot - driving with autism primary instructor

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