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A Guide To Driving With Autism’s Premium Services

  • February 2, 2022
  • Jeremy Farrell

Driving With Autism builds all of our services and resources from the ground up around aiding autistic individuals and their families in making informed decisions regarding driving. While this can be more difficult for autistic individuals than others, due to everything from sensory difficulties to executive functioning, the first step in making informed decisions is getting informed. While we have a variety of free resources, you can take full advantage of the services and support we offer by buying one of the two Driving With Autism Training Course Packages. The packages make up our premium services and in this blog post, we are going to go over what comes with each package and what makes them special. After all, we want you to know you’re getting the best bang for your buck!

The first package we offer is our basic package and includes access to all 7-parts of our live webinar series Driving With Autism: A Supportive Webinar and their recordings. Though this is only our basic package, it comes with quite a lot of content with 7 different important topics covered over 7 sessions, and that’s on top of all our free content in the form of blog posts and our in-depth eBook! Topics covered include everything from managing anxiety and change to the financial basics of owning a car. You can learn more about our supportive webinar here:

Our second package, which is basically our all-inclusive package, not only comes with access to all 7 parts of our webinar and its recordings, but also a couple of valuable and unique resources. This includes access to our Resource Library and a Personal 60 Minute Consultation with Driving With Autism Founder Andrew Arboe. Our Resource Library contains documents and videos that new drivers can use to transfer their newfound knowledge from our courses into real-life situations. Included in these documents are the basic rules of each state’s DMV and other state-specific information needed to sign up for their services. There is also video content where Andrew Arboe further expands on many driving-related topics mentioned in blog posts and the Driving With Autism webinar. More materials will be added to this resource library over time, and we look forward to incorporating suggestions from individuals we work with!

One of the big perks of our second package is that it comes with a complimentary Personal 60 Minute Consultation. These consultations are most valuable for new drivers and their parents who may need to address more specific or personal topics than the ones covered in our training courses. This consultation is always with Founder of Driving With Autism Andrew Arboe and is informed by his years of experience. Andrew Arboe has spent years pointing autistic new drivers and their parents in the right direction regarding the complex discussions and preparation that come with learning to drive. And now he can’t wait to help you!

Driving With Autism is excited to be part of your learning to drive journey! We have several free resources including other blog posts, a free eBook, and a Newsletter you can sign up for! In January and throughout all of 2022, we will also be running our first 7-Part educational webinar series on various topics that are crucial to learning to drive as an autistic individual. You can learn more and sign up for these courses by navigating to the “Buy Training Series” tab at the top of the page. We have a specific package that comes with extra resources such as a 60-minute consultation with Founder Andrew Arboe and access to our Resource Library which covers all 50 states. We look forward to hearing from you and we look forward to working with you!

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