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How Driving With Autism Empowers Autistic Individuals

  • April 5, 2022
  • Andrew Arboe

Driving With Autism is here to empower autistic individuals. We know the challenges that come with being autistic and learning to drive because we’ve not only worked with them time and time again, but we’ve lived them as well. We are here because we know autistic individuals are capable of so much. If you are an autistic individual and are having difficulty learning to drive, we have resources that can help! Here’s a rundown of some of the ways Driving With Autism is working to empower autistic individuals:

The heart and soul of Driving With Autism is the idea that autistic individuals should have the information and understanding to make informed decisions about their lives. This is especially true for driving. Learning to drive is a big choice, and we are not here to tell autistic individuals which decision to make. We are here to provide information and support, we’re here to help them make the best decisions possible for themselves. As Founder of Driving With Autism Andrew Arboe is fond of saying:

“Autistic individuals will always have varying challenges and varying levels of difficulty in learning how to drive. But I know very well it’s possible to make it work much more often than most people expect. The best thing you can do is know yourself and what works for you and doesn’t work for you before getting behind the wheel.”

This is why so many of Driving With Autism’s services are focused around educating and informing autistic individuals and their families about what the learning to drive journey entails and requires. And we want to make this information easily accessible! For those who haven’t heard: Driving With Autism is offering an in-depth 100% FREE 24-Page eBook on our website right now. This eBook is the cornerstone of the free resources offered by Driving With Autism. Based on Founder Andrew Arboe’s own experiences as well as interactions with new drivers and parents, the 24 pages cover the roadmap from first considering learning to drive, to actually getting your license.

Visit Driving With Autism’s website to obtain your own free in-depth eBook and start on the first steps of your own learning to drive journey!

We also have a number of free-to-read blog posts on our website that cover topics such as anxiety, tires, financial basics, parental involvement, using IEP plans, how to safely drive on the highway, and more! These blog posts address specific topics related to driving as an autistic individual, and we will be publishing more over time! They will always be completely free to read for anybody who is looking to learn more on this topic.

Check out the blog posts we’ve already published on our website.

Empowerment is a key component of what we do, and we hope the resources we provide will serve as a resource to help autistic individuals across the country make the driving decisions that are right for them.

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