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Driving School Partners

Driving with Autism is thrilled to present to you the following list of vetted driving school partners. These driving schools have become DWA partners due to their commitment to Autism education, their dedication to helping those with Autism and other special needs gain driving freedom, and their continued support of the neurodiverse community. In addition, these driving schools have been vetted and pre-selected for their skill and ability to instruct those with autism and other special needs and have shown great skills in their ability to instruct, teach, and guide neurodiverse individuals in their path to independence.

It is no small feat to have a place on this list and the driving school partners we choose are very carefully curated. You will not find a list of just any driving schools here, but only those that are truly worthy of DWA partnership.

We are diligently working on making this list as complete as possible and helping to coach driving schools that we can’t quite yet recommend to meet our incredibly high standards. For this reason, you may not find a driving school on this list near you. This does not mean there are not quality driving schools in your area that are able to work with Autistic Individuals in their quest to obtain independence, but rather that we have not yet been able to qualify a school in your area. Please check back often as we are working around the clock to expand resources for our students and ensure everyone has an equal opportunity to learn to drive and obtain their driver’s license.

If you have any questions about these schools or need any help getting in touch or scheduling driving lessons, please don’t hesitate to contact us. We are here to help!

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