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My career would have been impossible if I had not learned to drive.
Temple Grandin

Getting a driver’s license can be challenging for anyone, but a lack of resources can make it especially difficult for an autistic person.

A driver’s license means so much more than simply being able to drive. It represents freedom and independence and is a sign of adulthood. For an autistic person, driving may seem out of reach. We are excited to introduce a program designed to help an autistic person navigate all of the steps necessary to safely drive on their own.

driving instructor with student - driving with autism virtual learning instruction connecticut
new driver with keys in car and mother - driving with autism virtual learning instruction ct

Personalized Approach

If you’ve met one person with autism…then you’ve met one person with autism. We work to understand your individual fears, anxieties, and triggers and then to build a customized approach to help you get your driver’s license.

We Know Autism

Our Driving With Autism team includes highly trained occupational therapists, specially certified driving instructors, and Autism Transitions Consultants who are program alumni and are now safely driving with autism.

driver in car - driving with autism virtual learning instruction connecticut

Motivation and Ability

Some people are ready and able to drive and have no questions. Others may want to drive but may be worried that they lack the necessary skills. Still others may have the ability but lack the desire and motivation. Our first step is to help you gain confidence about your ability to drive.

Find Your Motivation and Ability

Driving Theory

We start our education in a virtual classroom environment. We offer an 8-part live webinar series specific to autistic individuals and their families. We will teach sessions on motivation, sensory issues, disruptions, scripting, anxiety, getting pulled over, and so much more. This is a perfect starting point for the new driver looking for more information on driving.

Virtual Lessons

Learn to Drive

After you grasp the theory and concepts taught in our classes, the next step is actually driving. We can provide resources to help you find the right driving school for you across the country.

Learn To Drive

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